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Post by Guest on Fri May 28, 2010 4:12 am

If you are applying for the Nation Guard we are ready for anything at anytime. you must listen to your General at all times, 'cause here its not 1 strike your out, its one rude comment to the general and your out. so before applying make your you have the abilities to fulfill your duties - to protect LS.

Fill out this form and send it back in(reply with the code.)
Name your thread as: Firstname_Lastname - NG Application


[b]IG Name:[/b]
[b]IG Score:[/b]
[b]How long have you been playing?[/b]
[b]How well do you know your way around LS, LV and SF?[/b](max rating is 10-10)
[b]What are you better at, driving or operating vehicles?[/b]
[b]How much are you willing to risk for the safety of a innocent citizen?[/b]

Once you have applied the two highest ranks will review it and decide yes or no.

Also, if you are wondering, when starting out you will most likely start as a PVT. unless i know you from a personal experience(not RPed a few times together)you will start as a PVT.


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